The Two Nations Cup Basketball 2011 teams meet again & you can be there live! (*WINNERS!)

The Two Nations Cup Basketball 2011 teams meet again & you can be there live! (*WINNERS!)

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The new Two Nations Cup contest brings you and a friend closer to your favorite 2NC Basketball 2011 team!!

Before the start of the 2012 tournament, we give the opportunity to relive the 2011 experience with live matchups for the Euroleague Top16:

1) Olympiacos vs. Anadolu Efes - 01/02/2012 (entry deadline: 31/01/12 - 22:00 EET)
2) Fenerbahce Ulker vs. Panathinaikos - 02/02/2012 (entry deadline: 31/01/12 - 22:00 EET)
3) Anadolu Efes vs. Olympiacos - 08/02/2012 (entry deadline: 06/02/12 - 22:00 EET)
4) Panathinaikos vs. Fenerbahce Ulker - 09/02/2012 (entry deadline: 06/02/12 - 22:00 EET)

You can take part both on the Two Nations Cup Facebook page & twitter account to double your winning chances! All you need to do on the Two Nations Cup Facebook page is LIKE the page, enter the contest, share your entry on your Facebook wall & enter the draw to win a double ticket to enjoy the live 2NC action!!!

On twitter, you would need to follow the Two Nations Cup (@TwoNationsCup) and Retweet the respective contest tweet of your language of choice, found by following the hashtag #2NC_contest! The terms & conditions of the contest can be found on the Facebook page tab "Win tickets" and/or can be read right before submitting your entry. And don’t forget… the Two Nations Cup Basketball 2012 is just around the corner! More details on the games in Greece coming shortly! * The winners of the contest are:

1) Olympiacos-Anadolu Efes (01/02, Athens) -- Ploumitsa Varkari (Facebook); Konstantinos Tertikas (Facebook).
2) Fenerbahce Ulker -Panathinaikos (02/02, Istanbul) -- Umut Bilgi (Facebook); Deniz Butun (twitter).
3) Anadolu Efes-Olympiacos (08/02, Istanbul) -- Caner Dadak (twitter); UgurAvan (Facebook).
4) Panathinaikos-Fenerbahce Ulker (09/02, Athens) -- Aristeidis Anastasiou (Facebook); Georgia Kouneli (twitter).