In the first game of the Two Nations Cup Basketball 2011, Anadolu Efes prevails over Panathinaikos with 84-76

In the first game of the Two Nations Cup Basketball 2011, Anadolu Efes prevails over Panathinaikos with 84-76


ANADOLU EFES (Sarica): Balbay 2, Ilievski 3, Kinsey 6 (3reb), Tunçeri (3as), Cenk Akyol 2, Batista 15 (8 reb), Vujacic 16 (3reb), Savanovic 5 (3reb), İlyasova 14 (reb), Kurtoğlu 4, Sinan Güler 2 (2reb), Barac 15 (6reb) 

PANATHİNAİKOS (Obradovic): Maric 4 (6reb), Logan 10, Sato 10 (6reb), Tsartsaris 6, Diamantidis 7 (2 reb-2 as), Vougioukas 3 (2reb), N. Calathes 15 (2 reb-4as), Smith 10 (6reb), Kaimakoglou 10 (5 reb- 3as), Jasivekivius 1 (3 as) 

1st quarter: 17-15 
2nd quarter: 16-20 
3rd quarter: 29-21 
4th quarter: 22-20 

Referees: Christodoulou - Nuran - Kartal

Press Conference quotes

Zeljko Obradovic (Panathinaikos): I believe it was a really tough friendly game. We felt a lot of pressure from the opponent, but have had good moments. Our players could have played better. In general it was a nice game for the teams and the fans. Efes played better and deserved the victory. 

Kyle Logan (Panathinaikos): We had a very good game. Unfortunately, we didn‘t have the chance to prepare properly in the last game, as we were hoping. 

Ufuk Sarica (Anadolu Efes): It is a very important victory for us, since we‘re a new team. We have practiced only one week as a whole, due to injuries and National team obligations, but have the qualitative roster. We were able to show that today, but have to work harder in the future. I am not competely satisfied, since we could have taken the lead earlier despite the turnovers we had. Panathinaikos has a very strong team and you have to fight against these kind of teams. We have to improve a lot if we want to reach the Final Four. Tomorrow‘s game is equally important and we really want to collect another victory.

Vlado Ilievski (Anadolu Efes): We are very satisfied with the result against a very good team, the Euroleague Champion. It was a friendly game but, nevertheless, the win is truly important, given that we‘re able to build on those victories. We had a great effort and deserved to win. I believe in this team, and am sure that we will have the chance to prove much more in the future. Tomorrow we have another very strong game against Olympiacos. Focus is the key, given that we came here to win this competition.