Olympiacos defeats Fenerbahce Ulker with 78-88 behind Hines' MVP performance

Olympiacos defeats Fenerbahce Ulker with 78-88 behind Hines' MVP performance


FENERBAHCE ULKER (Spahija): Jerrels 10 (2 reb- 3 as), Onan 5, Eroğlu 2 (1 Erb), Vidmar 10 (4 reb), Peker 2 (6 reb- 2 as), Gist 10 (3 ribaund), Savaş 4 , Demirel , Bogdanovic 17 (4 as), Preldzic 18 (3as)

OLYMPIAKOS (Ivkovic): Hines 24 (6 reb-4 as), Lucas 15 (3 as), Antic 5 (2 as), Spanoulis 6 (3 reb- 4 as), Howard 2 , Keselj , Papadopoulos 13 (5 reb- 3 as), Gecevicius 8 (2 as), Printezis 10, Papanikolaοu 2, Sloukas 3

1st period: 18-23
2nd period: 20-21
3rd period: 22-29
4th period: 18-15

Referees: Murat Biricik – Spiros Gkontas – Anastopoulos Panagiotis

Press Conference quotes:

Dusan Ivkovic (Olympiacos): "The team is together for only six days, and it is very important to have strong pre-season games like this when you have so many good players. Tonight we controlled the game really well and I was surprised by my front line, Papadopoulos, Hines and Printezis who scored with very high percentage. Our guards were also very good. Tomorrow we will have another very difficult game and have to get well prepared".

Kyle Hines (Olympiacos): "It is the first game that we had with all players present and the coach. The goal is to get better through all these games". 

Neven Spahija (Fenerbahce): "I have to congratulate coach Ivcovic and Olympiacos. They played much better than us. I do not like excuses but our team is very tired because of the continuous games. We have to play better basketball. I told my players that despite our difficulties, we have to get even stronger. We cannot achieve our goals if we continue like this".

Erbil Eroglu (Fenerbahce): "We did not start the game like we wanted on both defense and offense. Olympiacos played smart, took the advantage and we were always following. We are tired but it is not an excuse. We will do our best from now on".